Going Social in Canischio, Italy

I’m excited to finally launch a Facebook group dedicated to sharing the heritage of our Canischio families. You can find us at CanischioConnections. Take a moment to join our family there to find living cousins and friends and share in our discoveries.

On Facebook I shared about my third great grandparents who immigrated to the United States and settled in Indiana. Here I’ll share my about my fourth great-grandparents who spent their entire lives in Canischio. Their names were Domenico Maria Vincenzo Gioannini & Angela Ferrero. I currently have no pictures of them, but thanks to the Civil Records I’ve indexed here on this site, I do have a copy of my grandfather’s signature.

Domenico Giovanini's Signature

My fourth great grandfather’s signature on the death record of his grandfather

(If anyone has actual pictures of them I would really love it if you were willing to share.)

We’re working hard to grow our community. I’m a firm believer that collaborative research helps us all. Research gets increasingly accurate as we work together to uncover our past. The larger our group gets the better we all do in finding our families and celebrating our heritage. Please join and share and pass the word along to others in your family and research circles.

On on the Facebook page you’ll also be able to get help from the group translating Italian documents and deciphering handwriting.

You may also notice that we’ve added social network sharing buttons to our posts. I have a grandma who always announced, “We share in our family!” just as she took a huge gulp of your drink or bite of your dessert. Her grandkids remember that a lot more fondly now that she’s passed on. But we love that sentiment with regard to our family history discoveries. We definitely want you sharing on your networks the information and discoveries you find here. So don’t forget, “We share in our family!”

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